Our core staff boasts an incomparable portfolio of customer focused strategic development and delivery successes. We believe that the success of any strategic endeavor stems from a combination of deep industry experience and a laser sharp focus on the end goal. We count success not by the number of consultants placed, but by our customers’ successful understanding, management, and delivery of complex solutions.

Our typical clients include:
  • Traditional Wireless Carriers
  • Wireless Broadband Service Providers
  • OEMs and ODMs
  • Government Agencies
  • Universities and Research Institutions

  • We offer services in the following areas of development:
    • Product Strategy, Planning, and Implementation
    • Strategic Analysis and Program Management
    • RFPs and Proposals
    • System Functional Specifications
    • ICD and Requirements Development
    • Test Systems Development
    • Network Integration and Deployment
    • Custom Application Development
    • Custom Application and Platform Development Expertise
    • Regulatory, Conformance and Certification Expertise
    • Market Research and Analysis
DCmobility brings to bear the unique capability to engage our clients at all levels, from the technical and operations staff, the contract and procurement organizations, to the management, strategy, and executive teams. We pride ourselves in speaking the right language and applying the proper etiquette for the audience at hand and embedding ourselves into our client organization. Our strength includes helping our clients in the following key areas:

  • Strategic Product Planning – Ensure that the product built delivers business value to our clients and meets their financial goals
  • Market Analysis – Define the competitive landscape and identify opportunities by sizing the revenues and associated costs
  • Product Requirements – Develop and define product requirements by working across multiple constituencies to evolve the product concept
  • Solution Architecture – Engineer solutions than can quickly meet our clients’ most pressing needs while also being capable of adapting to changing market conditions
  • Product Launching and Operationalization – Develop go-to-market and strategic execution plans to ensure product success
  • Product Portfolio Management – Develop roadmaps that build on and expand the capabilities of new products and services
We also offer targeted tactical services for organizations with time critical needs including:

  • Top down structural analysis of programs
  • Dependency and relationship analysis
  • Master schedule and tiered calendar breakdown development
  • Contract tailoring and negotiations
  • Progress and delivery analysis
  • Vendor management
  • Customer management
One of the most important facets of any successful development effort is a comprehensive and appropriately tailored test and integration plan. As mobile communications systems expand in complexity, the need for seamless development, interoperability and conformance verification continues to grow. The appropriate test, integration and deployment strategy can drastically cut time to market and ensure a robust final product.

Our program portfolio includes engagements in the following development areas:

  • System Level Layout and Integration
  • Certification and Regulatory Conformance
  • Interoperability Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Core Network Integration and Testing
Hardware and Software
DCmobility understands that our clients often have the need for hardware and software solutions which are either unavailable or not cost effective in the COTS marketplace. In these cases, a customized solution is the only answer. Coming from a ‘get-it-done’ background in the commercial space, we offer rapid development of hardware and software including proof of concept systems, test and development rigs and application specific systems for our clients with basic guidance and requirements. We differentiate ourselves from larger development houses by being extremely agile and responsive to our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

We are experienced and capable in the assembly and integration of custom test setups including integration of COTS hardware and specialized test circuitry up to and including FPGA development.

Our software development team can offer the entire breadth of the client’s needs from basic consulting services to end to end development and deployment.

  • Requirements, Test Case, and Defect Management
  • Distributed Command and Control of Test Equipment
  • Test Equipment Scripting
  • Distributed Load Testing

We are happy to work with:
  • C/C++/C++.NET/C#.NET
  • Perl/Python
  • Web Development
  • System Quality and Performance Testers
  • Load Testing

We also recognize the need for flexible development models, and are willing to work within various delivery frameworks, from source code delivery to annual licensing. Please contact us for further details.